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zippyHR helps Human Resource Department be Pro-Active to achieve

  • Professional Work Environment
  • Positive Work Culture
  • Energized Work Force
  • Cost Effective Work Flows
  • Stream Lined Processes
  • Anywhere Access through Internet
  • Automatic Escalations and Reminders
  • HR Portal, Help Desk & Knowledge Base
  • Role based Authorization

zippyHR Modules

Portal Roles & Module Managers

Portal Roles

The organization is divided into SBU's operating from multiple locations. Job profiles for different type of activities are available in the system which are allocated to the requirements of the budgeted positions for various locations.

Each job profile shall have pre-defined functional and behavioural competency requirements. All the executives with in the organization are evaluated by a 360 degree which gives a weighted rating based on the inputs from immediate officer, reviewing officer, functional reporting officer, peers and sub-ordinates.

Based on the 360 degree review, the competency level of an Executive is assessed and competency gaps identified for his current and future positions, based on which suitable training programmes are initiated.

Organization Design & Competencies

Appraisal Process

  • Defined Key Tasks   Achievement Rating by Self, IO, FRO   RO
  • Major contributions and achievement of executive?
  • Areas of failure and reasons therefore
  • Areas in which the executive has shown outstanding results
  • What steps, if any: should be taken for the professional development and growth of executive?
  • Performance Rating
  • Promotability
  • Customer Orientation
  • Execution Ability
  • Team Working
  • Behavioral Flexibility / Adaptability to change
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership
  • Conviction   Self Confidence
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Initiative Departmental Allocation
  • Positions Held by an Executive
  • Required Competency Levels
  • Current Competency Levels
  • Competency Gaps

Appraisal & Ratings

Critical Positions   Succession Planning

Critical Positions in the organization can be identified, drop-deads and successors planned well in advance to facilitate plan a training schedule to cater to employee growth.

Critical Positions & Succession Planning


Resumes are collected from multiple sources - job seekers, consultancies and employee references, by providing them a login facility and input information. The resumes can be updated by the concerned to keep them latest. Depending upon the positions falling vacant the system facilitates identifying existing employees who can fit in the role or allow for the HR Executive shortlist job seekers who can be called for interview. The interviewer is provided a screen depicting the position competency requirements and ratings taken against the same. The selected Executives are sent an offer letter by the system and collects all HR related information from the selected candidate to facilitate HR complete the required formalities before issuing a joining letter.